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Other informed veterinarians support
nutritionally-sound vegan companion animal diets

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"I have successfully maintained many dogs and a few cats on a vegan diet. In fact, some of my canine patients who switched to a vegan diet have experienced improvement in their skin allergy symptoms as a result of leaving meat out of their diets."

Armaiti May, DVM, CVA, Los Angeles

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"This is very important work. In our time we cannot sustain the use of animals as a major or primary food source. It is simply not possible considering how very inefficient it is to feed edible grains and other vegetable sources to animals so that they, in turn, will be eaten. Even more important are the very real health effects from feeding at the top of the food chain. We don't know the levels of pollutant accumulation in the tissues of animals, but in people it has been found that well over 100 chemicals are now resident in our tissues especially in those that regularly eat meat. Avoiding animal flesh in our diets very much reduces this toxic accumulation. Lastly, from an ethical standpoint, our food animal industry results in very great suffering for large numbers of animals and it is logically inconsistent to treasure one animal (the one emotionally close to us) at the cost of other animals being treated inhumanely. To find alternative diets for dogs and cats that do not include meat is very important work and needs to be done."

Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, Sedona, Arizona
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"Dogs are not obligate carnivores, and as such have an easy time being vegetarian. When you think about it, many if not most dogs in India are vegetarian and perfectly healthy. Cats are true carnivores but with an appropriately balanced diet can live full and healthy lives without consuming meat."

– Lorelei Wakefield, DVM, New York